About The Everyday Word

My name is Laurie, and I live in Montana.
My husband and I have been married for 38 years,
and he is my best earthly friend. We have been blessed with 2 daughters
and sons-in-law, and 4 grandchildren, all whom I adore.
 I am a child of God, and Jesus Christ is my Best Friend, Lord and Savior.
It is my desire to grow ever closer to Him, and to share about His love
and saving grace with others.

The Everyday Word is simply about how God's Word is in our everyday lives,
using photos from my life (Unless credited).
This is a new adventure for me, and I looking forward to having you join me!
The Everyday Word does not mean that the Word of God is everyday,
for it is powerful and sovereign, far from everyday.
Nor does The Everyday Word mean that I will post every day,
although I might.
The Everyday part means the commonplace, ordinary, or normal things we do,
and the Word part means connecting these things with the Word of God.
I'm not a good photographer and my photos will not be perfect,
but that isn't the point here.
My purpose is to point and shoot my little camera as I do the ordinary
and combine it with the extraordinary Word of God.

I'm so glad you have joined me!

P.S. You can also find me at my other blog, Nana's House!

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