Friday, July 25, 2014

Broken Clay Pots

Yesterday was very hot and very windy.
Our patio is exposed to the west, and the wind usually comes from the northwest.
We get a lot of wind in our yard, since there is an open field right behind our house.
I love the open field and I recognize that wind is going to be a part of that openness.
Twice now this summer, the wind has toppled over two clay pots,
breaking them into pieces and making them useless for the plants that are in them.
Here is the one I found yesterday when I arrived home:
It held a lavender plant that didn't fit in the ground space
I have other lavender planted in, so I potted it.
Large and small pieces of terra cotta were broken away...

but these pieces will not go to waste.

I added them to the little box that held the broken pottery pieces from the other pot that broke when the wind caught it. I will save them to use in the bottom of pots as I plant new flowers or herbs someday.
The lavender will thrive in a new pot, for although its outer shell, the pot, was broken, the plant itself is healthy and growing.


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